What more is there to life? Eat, Sleep, Anime and Repeat! Grab your favorite Anime-Merch from animeme Shop!

Animeme is born
Starting with a desire to build a fashion brand for Anime and Manga fans. We are Animeme, we aim at iconic products, deeply express our love for renowned series and cartoons of Japan, the country of cherry blossoms. animeme was born like that.

Why is it named animeme?
The name animeme is of course derived from the Anime phrase - the biggest inspiration that made us create this store. However, to bring more dynamic and cheerful colors, Meme images will also appear in the shop's product range while maintaining their original values and content. You will know Anime in a happier, brighter and more fun state.

What do We have?
The designs on all products are created and carefully tested by animeme before reaching your hands.
Big names like Attack on Titan, Kingdom, DrStone, ... will be shown most authentically on the products of the Animeme family.
The product lines we bring will include T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, posters, blankets, and so on.

Animeme is for the masses
We cannot deny that clothing is an essential commodity, we cannot live without it. However, the designs with Japanese sound, inspired by famous anime series are really products only for those who are passionate about Anime, Manga, and genuine Otaku, Wibu.
But do not worry, animeme has simplified the designs, so that they become lighter, more refined, and easier to approach more people. All our Anime Products were printed and designed in highly quality. Combining insane artworks from talented and young artists with premium quality garments for comfort and style, ensure vibrant colors and lasting durability on every Anime Merch.
Designs inspired by Anime, Anime culture and Japanese culture. Show off your love to Anime loudly and proudly with this casual Anime-Merch. It’s also the perfect gift for gamers, anime lovers, and comic book fans.
always wants customers to get the best experience from products to services. Come and accompany with animeme! And don't forget to follow our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates and discussions.

Thank you and Happy Shopping!